Billionaire Daughter Temi Otedola And Her Boo Mr Eazi Sparks Break Up Rumours With Cryptic Post

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Actress and Billionaire daughter Temi Otedola has sparked what we would term as “Breakfast” of the year with her latest post on Instagram, The billionaire daughter who posted a cryptic write up on her verified Instagram handle has suggested to her online inlaws that the once beautiful Romeo and Juliet like relationship between her and her super star musician boo Mr Eazi might have come to an end.

In a picture post on Temi Otedola’s Instagram, were she posted a picture of her self crying in bed, she wrote

“Your next slay is always after your last cry”

And in the caption she wrote

“you are forgiven and forgotten”

Who could The billionaire daughter be referring to in her post ? Who could have made the ever reserved and innocent Temi Otedola cry ???, These are questions that the online in-laws must be needing an answer to.

We couldn’t think of anyone else except her boo Mr Eazi. And if  our thinking is true, i trust the online in-laws association of the internet to drag Mr Eazi like tiger gen.

We really do hope that all is well with Temi Otedola and Mr Eazi’s relationship though.

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