Meet Sasha Walpole, The 40-Year-Old Woman Who Took Prince Harry’s Virginity

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A 40-year-old Digger driver, Sasha Walpole, has revealed that she took Prince Harry‘s virginity at a tender age.

Sasha Walpole shocked the world after she revealed that she took Prince Harry’s virginity. Walpole detailed her experience in an exclusive interview.

She claimed that she is the mystery horse-lover who had a ‘passionate’ five-minute s3x session with the duke in the pub field.


She said:

“It was a passionate, tipsy – and very probably ill-advised – encounter between two friends who snuck out of a pub for a crafty Marlboro Light and ended up clambering over a fence to make love in a field, shielded from sight by a dense summer hedgerow.

This is how Prince Harry lost his virginity in July 2001 – an escapade the world would have remained ignorant about had he not revealed some of the intimate details in his explosive memoir, Spare.

The story became one of the most talked-about passages in the bestseller, triggering a global guessing game as to who the unnamed ‘older woman’ who treated him ‘not unlike a young stallion’ might be.

Sasha Walpole also revealed it was Harry who made the first move, leading to their ‘spontaneous and sparky’ sex in a field behind The Vine Tree pub in the Wiltshire village of Norton.


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