Radio Station Manager Arrested For Assaulting Female Presenter In Uganda [video]

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Police in Kanungu District, Uganda, have arrested a radio station manager, Nelson Twinamasiko, for assaulting  female presenter at the same station

The Kanungu Grade One Magistrate, Mr Asanasio Mukobi, on Thursday, February 2, remanded, Twinamasiko. to Kanungu government prison on charges of assault.

Twinamasiko, who is the radio station manager of Kanungu FM, is accused of causing bodily harm on Ms Anita Tumuramye, on the evening of January 26, 2023.

The court remanded the accused until February 8 for the mention of his case after the Kanungu Resident State Attorney, Mr Peter Muhendo, told court that inquiries into the matter were still going on.

The police spokesperson for Kigezi region, Mr Elly Maate, on Wednesday said Mr Twinamasiko was arrested over an alleged assault.

Ms Tumuramye claims she was assaulted after the station manager declined to pay her an advert commission of Shs40,000. She had reportedly secured a client who paid Shs200,000.

On Thursday, the station management issued a statement suspending the two workers until police investigations are complete.

“The management of Kanungu FM Radio does not condone acts of indiscipline and misbehaviour and regrets this incident. We honestly apologise to our esteemed listeners, business clients and the general public,? the statement issued by the management of Kanungu FM Radio station reads in part.

The chairman board of Kanungu FM Radio, Mr Godfrey Karabenda, confirmed the authenticity of the document.

“The management of Kanungu FM Radio station writes to clarify a short video trending on social media where a man and a lady are seen in a scuffle. In November last year, the management of Kanungu FM Radio hired Mr Nelson Twinamasiko as its new station manager.

“Upon assuming duty, he carried out a quick audit of the books of accounts and discovered a lot of irregularities.  It is important to note that Ms Anita Tumuramye, the lady in the video, had been working as a cashier in addition to other duties. The new manager introduced new reforms in the management of the radio station, including stringent measures in financial management?? the public notice further reads.

The management further indicated that the new measures ?did not please a number of workers at the station as they were used to the old ways of doing things and they resisted the new culture, thus creating a strained relationship with the new manager??.

This publication has established that after the scuffle, Mr Twinamasiko reported the matter at Kanungu Police Station the same night while Ms Tumuramye opted to report her claims at the same police station the following day.


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