Reverend Father Kneels Down And Begs Politician To Come And Sit In The Front Sit Of The Church

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In trending video, a Reverend father of a church (name not known) might have gone too far with wanting to honour a politician who came to his church to sit in front, by kneeling down before him to beg him, all in the name of persuading him to come and sit in front the revered Reverend father stooped low to the extent of going on his knees to cajole the politician. Many people saw this act asĀ  demeaning to the highly revered and respected office of a reverend father.

Although so many people had argued in the comments section of where this news was sourced from, that the Reverend father in question isn’t a Catholic reverend father but an anglican priest, saying that a Catholic Reverend father can never stoop so low to do a thing like that. And some other commenters commented saying it is only money that can cause a thing like this to happen, politician are know to be big spenders especially during election periods like this, and probably the Reverend father was trying to secure his donations reason why he wanted him to come to the front sit, so that he doesn’t sneak out through the back of the church Lol.

Watch the video below:


Read some of the comments some commenters made about the trending video.


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