[Video] This Is Very Funny, Take A Look At What APC Is Using To Buy Votes For This Year’s Election

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In preparation for the up coming February presidential election, a video in circulation shows a man displaying the contents of a package given to him by the APC in exchange for his vote in the up coming elections.

According to the man in the video, he was asked for his voters card, and something was written down on it before being handed the package and his voters card. Some of the items in the package includes garri, beans, 2 packets of indomie, a hand band,  APC T shirt, sachet of oil etc, which is supposed to be his settlement for the next 4 years.

The man in the video also said categorically that he won’t be voting for the APC, saying whatever is been given to him, will collect, but won’t vote for the APC, his reason being that he has suffers enough for eight years.

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